This is why GAMING is so popular

Gaming has been there for decades and every time one of those games will become so popular, it spreads like wildfire as people love to try out new ones. With the advent of AR and VR technology, this sure is an added advantage to the industry which gives a whole new visual treat to the users.  Interactive gaming took a huge leap in the market with the introduction of AR and VR, in early stages and by 1994 Sega developed a virtual reality headset called Sega VR – 1 which tracks head moment of the user to give visual experience to the user.  Similarly, there is a company called Shining Cloud which developed an interactive TV game show which uses AR VR technology to make the show more interesting. In the large scale, there is a company called virtuix Omni they were one among few other companies who became pioneers in this VR (Virtual Reality) innovation, they were working on motion platforms for a few years and wanted to give the best they can to all those users, after years

Technology in 5G speed

Technology in 5G speed Have you witnessed these holographic models ! By the time people start using new technologies, there are few more technologies available in the market and this time Automobile industry sensed the growth potential in usage of holograms so they utilized the opportunity to implement the same in their industry, which will assist them in rectifying those detailing parts which leave no room for errors, the main idea about using this holographic model is to minimize or eliminate the errors rather than investing on those prototypes which will have an impact on their cost. Here's how it works It projects the model with the help of headset which has sensors adopted into it, and as the user changes his position those models get adjusted to the place where they move, they can also view through different levels of designs available with the help of motion technology which senses their hand gestures and act accordingly.  The above video will give you

Augmented reality in real estate

Augmented reality in real estate Exhibiting some computer-generated models on to the real world, this can be experienced with the help of some applications without which we cannot get the actual display. Research revealed that there are chances that customers will buy any products if augmented reality is associated with it. Here's the data.                                                                                                                                           Sensing the growth potential in this industry there have been many innovations to bring out the best in this field which has shown a dynamic growth since past few years and it will continue to do so in mere future. Now the use of augmented reality in real estate will certainly help the clients as they can experience the actual output before even getting the work started, with the help of 3D models which are generated using computer and the applications used to explore those models it certainly will